How to Use DraftKings for Bingo and Blackjack

How to Use DraftKings for Bingo and Blackjack

Blackjack variations abound, but it never hurts to learn how to play some new ones, like Bingo Blackjack or Down Under Blackjack. In order to up the ante on blackjack games, DraftKings Casino came up with the idea to combine online bingo with traditional blackjack. This resulted in Bingo Blackjack.

Continue reading to find out the guidelines for playing Bingo Blackjack, a special version of 21. 



Bingo Blackjack: What Is It?

With a bingo side bet that has the potential to pay up to 100 times for a hand total result between 12 and 21, bingo blackjack is a traditional blackjack game. The random target number that would carry the multiplier in the bingo side bet is chosen at random by a bingo activator. The multiplier that is chosen at random is applied to the rewards if the player meets the target, which is when their hand produces the chosen number.

There's a cost associated with the game's addition of multipliers akin to bingo, though. A 20% extra fee must be paid by each player before they can bet on a hand 카지노사이트

Rules for Bingo Blackjack

A blackjack and bingo hybrid sounds like the stuff of dreams, don't they? This is especially true given how many players like experimenting with different blackjack variations and regulations. In the end, players do appreciate the conventional rules and comfort of playing classic blackjack, but occasionally it might be beneficial to try something novel and different. And bingo blackjack is precisely that.

The regulations of bingo blackjack are similar to those of regular blackjack games. With the exception of the beginning and finish, the majority of the round proceeds as usual. The gameplay remains unchanged. 

Rules for Blackjack

This is a quick rundown of DraftKings Bingo Blackjack's blackjack rules.

  • Eight card decks are used in the game.

  • Blackjack has a 3:1 payout ratio.

  • When the soft 17 rule is used, the dealer stands on soft 17.

  • After a split, players can multiply.

  • You can re-split up to four hands.

  • Aces can only be divided once.

  • The hostess glances at a blackjack. 



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